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The Star Citizen Trading Card Game Journey of the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Trading Card Game: A Community Legacy

The inception of the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game showcases the vibrant dedication and creativity within the Star Citizen fan community. Initiated by Thomas Eberhard, a passionate backer of Chris Roberts' Star Citizen, the project sought to extend the game's universe into the trading card game realm. This endeavor, rooted in admiration for the expansive universe of Star Citizen, evolved under a non-commercial use agreement graciously provided by Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), marking the beginning of a unique fan project journey.

While the development of SQUADRONS has been primarily a fan-driven initiative, the early nod from CIG through the non-commercial use agreement and a signature from Erin Roberts offered the project a form of recognition and encouragement. This project has unfolded independently, translating its iconic ships and lore into a captivating card game experience.

From its public debut at the Con 42 Convention in September 2018, SQUADRONS captivated the Star Citizen community's imagination. Highlighted by critical milestones, such as partnering with Cartamundi, known for producing major trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, for the production of high-quality card prototypes, and receiving positive feedback from all sides at conventions and tournaments, the project demonstrated its potential to enrich the Star Citizen experience.

Throughout its development, SQUADRONS has actively engaged with the community, incorporating feedback that led to significant overhauls, such as the comprehensive revision of the rulebook and the introduction of new Early Supporter Cards as collectibles for the community. Each step, from unveiling ESCs, higher-quality production, and new game content, underscores the project's evolution towards realizing its full vision.

As it looks to the future, SQUADRONS is set for further expansion, introducing new factions, cards, and gameplay mechanics. The anticipation of deck-building features opens up possibilities for strategic customization, allowing players to fine-tune their squadrons for battle.

SQUADRONS stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Star Citizen, inviting players to explore the universe in novel and engaging ways. Join us in this ongoing adventure, contributing to the saga of the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game: One card game, one family!


SQUADRONS is an immersive strategy card game which lets you command and customize your own squadron with your favorite ships from the Star Citizen universe and compete with other players.

The Project

Community Fan-Project
Licensed by CIG
Founded in 2016
Introduced in 2018

The Game

Stage: 1
Players: 2
Avg. Playtime: 20 minutes
Primary language: English
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Boomer Squad Squadrons at Bar Citizen Eagle Eye The Gatsby Betsy Argus

Project Timeline Follow the story behind SQUADRONS

Thomas becomes a backer of Star Citizen
December 2015
Development of the Star Citizen SQUADRONS begins
March 2016
SQUADRONS receives the non-commercial use agreement from CIG, signed by Erin Roberts
September 2018
SQUADRONS debuts at Con 42 and releases the Early Supporter Card #1 Boomer Squad
22 September 2018
Releases Early Supporter Card #2 Gla'wa
November 2018
The legendary "Cartamundi" prototype is produced, featuring high-quality cards and a custom box
April 2019
Meeting with Erin Roberts and handover of the Cartamundi Prototype
August 2019
Successful contact with CIG and submission of the Cartamundi prototype
September 2019
Golem.de reports on the talks between CIG and Thomas
16 June 2020
Releases Early Supporter Card #3 Eagle Eye as part of the Community CIG Breakthrough Contest
September 2020
Rulebook revision to the Ready-2-Play version with 20 testers takes over 9 months
September 2020
Release of the SQUADRONS Website along with Early Supporter Card #4 Hammertime with Trailer and Community Contest
19 September 2021
SQUADRONS present at Camp Citizen Camping Convention
August 2021
Completion of the publishing brochure for the card game
March 2022
SQUADRONS booth at Be@con 2022
May 2022
Gamestar features SQUADRONS online and in print, praising CIG's handling of community projects
July 2022
Releases Early Supporter Card #5 The Gatsby with Trailer
September 2022
Meeting and project presentation to Chris Roberts in person at Bar Citizen Berlin
December 2022
Meeting and project presentation with Asmodee Group, the world's largest publisher
February 2023
SQUADRONS booth at Con 42 Germany and releases Early Supporter Card #6 Captain Price at CON42 2023
April 2023
Releases Early Supporter Card #7 Betsy on the 24h Be@con Livestream
July 2023
Hosts the first-ever BFTS Tournament Event and Bar Citizen under the patronage of Knebel
19-21 January 2024
Releases Early Supporter Card #9 Argus and introduces the Olympus Capital Ship Squadrons concept
19 January 2024
Releases Early Supporter Card #10 Acheron
20 January 2024
Announces and releases Early Supporter Card #8 Infinity at the BFTS Internationals Switzerland Tournament in KnebelTV's Livestream
24 March 2024
Glawa Squadrons at Bar Citizen Hammertime Captain Price Infinity Acheron