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Here are answers to common questions about SQUADRONS. Don't see the answer to your question? Contact us!

Join the SQUADRONS community on Discord and stay updated: Discord
Start collecting rare Early Supporter Cards (regular raffles on Discord)
Share the project within your organizations and report firsthand about the project. Showcase your Early Supporter Cards within the Star Citizen community.
Invite friends and organization members to our website and Discord server for a chance to earn Early Supporter Cards (contact Thomas directly on Discord).
Help us connect with English content creators to expand our reach.
Follow and attend our Twitch live streams and other SQUADRONS-related events: Twitch
SQUADRONS is currently playable with four factions and is ready for realization. Our non-commercial use agreement with Cloud Imperium Games restricts the sale of the game. The non-Star Citizen version used in tournaments is also not for sale, aligning with the project's goals for a broader engagement with CIG.
You can play SQUADRONS with a coach in our Discord training arena via "TTS" Tabletop Simulator on Steam. Join your language's chat channel and ask for a coach.
Your support is crucial due to the licensing limitations. Share your support for the card game with Cloud Imperium Games and participate in online/offline tournaments and Bar Citizen events where Star Citizen SQUADRONS is featured.
Early Supporter Cards are physical non-commercial Star Citizen promo cards collectibles , which are exclusively won, not sold. There are currently 10 Early Supporter Cards with strictly limited print runs from 500 to 2500 copies. For more information, visit Cardpedia -> Early Supporter Cards on our website.
Due to their limited availability and some being quite old (ESC1 was released in 2018), these cards are rising in value, with starting prices around 50 USD.
The fastest way to obtain an Early Supporter Card is by referring friends and contacting Thomas directly.
Join our Discord and arrange a game with one of our coaches.
If you're interested in becoming a tester for the final product, fill out the contact form on our website. We'll add you to our test player list, and once we receive permission to expand testing, you'll get early access.
Two main requirements for game testers are engagement through numerous games and the ability to provide clear and honest feedback on the gaming experience.


Nice that you are interested in this project! We try to answer the most frequently asked topics honestly and completely. If an entry is too imprecise for you or you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are free to contact us via email, Discord or our contact form. If it makes sense, we will add the question and answer to this list.

The journey is not always easy, but we are firmly behind this project and will share progress and changes with you through our channels. Stay tuned.

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