Secure your ticket now for the BFTS "Battle for the Stars" Internationals Switzerland 2024! September 6th to September 8th, 2024

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BFTS KnebelDE Bar Citizen
Prepare for an unforgettable weekend from September 6th to 8th, 2024, in the picturesque Swiss Alps, where passion for card games and community spirit come alive. Experience our first international card game tournament and the warmth of a Bar Citizen event. With high-stakes competitions, raffles, stunning surroundings, and moments that will last, this event is a must-attend for every Star Citizen and SQUADRONS enthusiast.

For complete event details, including highlights, ticket options, and participation opportunities, please download our comprehensive event information PDF:

Download Event Information PDF (English / English) Download Event Information PDF (German / Deutsch)

We're excited to welcome you to the BFTS Internationals Switzerland 2024. Ready yourself for an adventure-packed weekend. One Cardgame, one Family!

Join our vibrant community and contribute to the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Trading Card Game's journey towards realization. SQUADRONS DISCORD

BFTS Switzerland 2024 - Card Game Tournament & Bar Citizen Unveiled! by SQUADRONS

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Be@Con - The Belgian convention for video games, digital arts and their professions. May 10th to May 11st, 2024

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Be@Con Bar Citizen
Get Your Ticket for BE@CON 2024: The Return of the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game!

After a successful appearance in 2022, the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game is back at BE@CON in Liège, Belgium, this May 10th and 11th. We're thrilled to once again showcase our booth with playtables at the convention, bringing the Star Citizen card game experience to life. Each visitor to our booth will receive the just-released, coveted Early Supporter Card ESC8 Infinity, offering a firsthand opportunity to dive into the SQUADRONS Card Game.

This return visit to BE@CON 2024 underscores our commitment to the Star Citizen community and the interactive exploration of gaming and digital arts. Purchasing your ticket not only grants you access to this expansive event but also supports the ongoing journey of the SQUADRONS Card Game.

Join us for a weekend filled with epic duels, community engagement, and a celebration of the creative spirit that defines both Star Citizen and Be@con. Adventure awaits! One Cardgame, one Family!

For tickets and further details, visit:

Star Citizen Squadrons Card Game Bar Citizen and Battle for the Stars 2024 Tournament - A Galactic Livestream Spectacle! January 19th to January 21st, 2024

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KnebelDE Twitch
Get ready for the most outstanding Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game event of the year, from January 19th to 21st, 2024. We offer a unique location, 60 guests with a card game tournament, and a Bar Citizen. In collaboration with KnebelDE (Twitch:, the biggest German Star Citizen YouTuber, an unforgettable weekend full of excitement, gaming, and fantastic prizes awaits you!
  • Non-stop Twitch:
  • Don't miss a moment of our captivating continuous livestreams! We kick off on January 19th from 18:00 to 00:00 CET and continue on January 20th from 12:00 to 00:00 CET. Tune in at as part of the Star Citizen community.
  • Amazing Prizes in Every Live Broadcast:
  • In EVERY live panel, an exclusive Holzkern watch (worth about 400 euros) will be raffled off, and during the broadcasts at KnebelTV (knebeltv), you can win a Star Citizen spaceship each time. Additionally, in EVERY panel, at least 100 new Early Supporter Cards #9 will be given away!
  • Highlights:
  • Live Panel 1 (Friday, January 19th, 21:00 CET): Reveal of "Olympus", the new Idris capital ship squadron.
    Live Panel 2 (Saturday, January 20th, 16:30 CET): Visit to Gold Standard Grading and reveal of the limited Special Edition Early Supporter Card #6.
    Live Panel 3 (Saturday, January 20th, 18:00 CET): Exclusive reveal of the new Early Supporter Cards #9 "Argus" Polaris and the strictly limited #10 "Acheron" (ship still a secret!) with Early Supporter Card Recap from 2018-2024.
    Live Panel 4 (Saturday, January 20th, 21:00 CET): Event Livestream, Card Game Tournament Awards Ceremony, Interviews, and Talk.
  • Globally Accessible:
  • All German livestreams offer live translations into English, so no one misses a thing!

    As the Star Citizen community, we are bringing the SQUADRONS Card Game to life together. Squadron Leaders, get ready!

    Your Thomas

    Be@Con Star Citizen Convention May 20th, 2023

    Be@Con Bar Citizen
    In the run-up to the 2024 Be@Con Star Citizen convention in Belgium, the very first Star Citizen SQUADRONS card game tournament will take place on May 20, 2023 at the Be@Con Bar Citizen in Liége, Belgium.
    More information and conditions of participation in the first tournament can be found on the SQUADRONS Discord! The winner of the tournament receives a prototype game card signed by Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner! There are also other great prizes, including a ship from CIG.

    The biggest European grading company for playing and sports cards Gold Standard Grading is official non-commercial supporter of SQUADRONS and has provided fast grading of the graded prototype playing cards for the contests.