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Legal notice: The Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game is still a fan project of the Star Citizen community, which is being developed non-commercially with the express permission of the Star Citizen rights holder ‚RSI‘ Robert Space Industries. Any steps towards realization will be done in consultation with RSI.

What makes SQUADRONS special?

SQUADRONS is an immersive strategy card game which lets you command your favorite ships from the Star Citizen universe and compete with other players both in duel and multiplayer matches.

SQUADRONS is very catchy and beginner-friendly, but with increasing game experience it offers a very multi-faceted game.

The resource system was deliberately minimized with focus on tactical action, rousing space battles and dogfights.



Squadrons Star Citizen Ship Hornet

In SQUADRONS I somehow wanted to capture the feelings I experienced as a backer of Star Citizen: Excitement, individuality, and headway. As soon as you have the playing cards in your hand, you feel the connection to Star Citizen. I wanted to design a card game that contains many new and unique mechanics and stands out like Star Citizen.

In SQUADRONS there is no ingame resource management, which increases the flow of the game and focuses the joint interaction between players in combats. An important game element is that permanent playing cards are usually placed face-down. This bluffing element ensures constant suspense and opens up a variety of gameplay options.

In addition to the five locations on the battlefield, each player has their own fleet zone, which adds a second layer of play and greatly increases tactical depth. Players can prepare deployments in their fleet zones, regardless of the victory condition. This has already led to fierce fleet zone battles in skirmishes.

Skirmishes on randomly drawn locations make each match unique which provides variety and excitement. Players have direct influence on the game by choosing a part of their starting hand and claiming the first turn.

Players will be able to play SQUADRONS in duels or larger multiplayer matches. These multiplayer matches can be played in teams or everyone against everyone else. In multiplayer matches, the battlefield and victory condition will be expanded with additional locations and special mission objectives, and different squadrons in a team can complement each other.

With an eye to the future, SQUADRONS was designed to be expandable from the ground up, allowing for new squadrons, cards, locations and extensive editions to be created. Due to the aforementioned game mechanics, an implementation into the Star Citizen video game on Spectrum or even real-time into the Persistent Universe would make sense.

Just imagine: You’re sitting in your fully loaded Hull series freighter, a lucrative 30 minute Quantum Travel run ahead of you in your pilot seat. Simply open your mobiGlas and pass the time with a fun round of SQUADRONS!

A distinctive feature of SQUADRONS is its two-part structure: Squadrons (player decks) and locations (location sets).

Currently, in the prototype starter set, SQUADRONS has two factions from the Star Citizen universe: UEE White Eagles and Vanduul D’ak Marauders.

These squadrons are placeholders and will be replaced appropriately to the Star Citizen background as determined by CIG. A pirate squadron is in the concept phase as a new faction and could be repurposed to the Nine Tails pirate gang, for example.

Each faction will have different squadrons. Players can only use cards of the same squadron in their squadron. Exceptions are so-called ‚Legacy cards‘, which can be used either in all or only within certain factions. From a squadron’s card pool, players can later customize their chosen squadron.

Even squadrons within a faction will have very different focuses and play styles. For example, within the faction UEE there can be interceptor squadrons, bomber squadrons or engineer squadrons. Interceptor squadrons consist mainly of light fighters and combat cards and attack the enemy in direct action to gain air superiority. Engineer squadrons, on the other hand, seek the initiative (by claiming the first turn), mine the battlefield with trap cards such as minefields and then attack the weakened enemy. Both prototype squadrons are balanced interceptor squadrons.

At this time, both squadrons in the SQUADRONS prototype starter set are not yet customizable. As soon as deck building is released, each squadron will have its so-called Squadron Card. The Squadron Card determines the squadron size and thus how many cards the squadron (a player’s deck) may consist of. Each prototype squadron currently consist of about 50 game cards. Squadron sizes can differ greatly later on.

The Squadron Card also determines the squadron structure, and thus how many cards of each rarity level are allowed in it. Currently, there are five different rarity levels of game cards, which are color-coded. A legendary card (black) may only be in a deck once, while a standard card (white), is allowed up to four times in a squadron.

With the later introduction of editions, the card pool of each squadron can be expanded and each Squadron Card can be adjusted for the sake of game balance.

Skirmishes are fought on locations. Each location set represents a system of the Star Citizen universe and contains known locations of this system, as we know them from the video game. So, if you’ve always wanted to own Outpost Kareah, you can do so in SQUADRONS!

Skirmishes revolve around these location cards and players receive crucial victory points for capturing or fulfilling mission objectives on these locations in order to win. Some locations only give victory points if they are destroyed or held for several turns. Other locations directly affect combats. #asteroids

The prototype Stanton location set currently consists of 15 unique locations, five of which are randomly drawn in a skirmish. This makes every skirmish different, as the constellations always result in different tactical requirements.

Players must consider the requirements of a contested system and possible battlefields, and adapt their squadron.