SQUADRONS Community Contest

Update September 12, 2022: We now have 950 participants in the contest. Since the contest is designed for 1000 participants, we are extending it until October 1, 2022. Once 1000 participants are reached, the contest will be closed and the mailing will be prepared.

Mailing 1000 letters is a lot of work. The mailing will be done in October. Everyone should have their Gatsby collectors card in the mail by November!

One day of shooting, two villas, a Mercedes SLS worth 350k USD and a beautiful woman. For you, we gave everything!

Welcome to the latest Star Citizen SQUADRONS community contest!

The infamous Origin 890 Jump, the Gatsby, is the latest community trading card #5 for the Star Citizen SQUADRONS card game and for this occasion we have made an ambitious Youtube trailer as Citizen Spotlight.

Each Upvote of the corresponding Citizen Spotlight shows Cloud Imperium Games that the community stands by their Star Citizen card game!
Every participant of the contest (sign in below) will receive the new ‘The Gatsby’ Early Supporter Card #5 by mail for free (limited to 1000 entries in total)!
There are now 5 hot collectible Early Supporter Cards and should SQUADRONS become reality, you can trade them in for extremely rare cards for the card game!
Additionally we will raffle the following prizes among the participants worldwide:
1x SQUADRONS ’still secret‘ prototype playing card graded by Gold Standard Grading
3x complete Early Supporter Card Sets (#1, #2, #3, #4 and #5)

5x Early Supporter Card Sets #3, #4 and #5.

Each upvote of the Citizen Spotlight, each thumbs up on the Youtube trailer and each comment shows Cloud Imperium Games how important this fan project is to you!

Let’s make SQUADRONS reality and who knows, maybe someday we’ll sit comfortably around a table and lead our squadrons into an epic battle. Together as friends, proud supporters and fans of Star Citizen, our very own video game!

The biggest European grading company for playing and sports cards Gold Standard Grading (www.gs-grading.com) is official non-commercial supporter of SQUADRONS and has provided fast grading for the contest prizes.

A shout out goes to the Youtubers TheNOOBIFIER1337, Black Maze, CrashAcademy Network, KnebelDE, Karolinger and SaltEMike, who covered the project with Youtube videos! We are incredibly grateful to have these Youtubers as wingmen of the project!

Legal notice: The Star Citizen SQUADRONS Card Game is still a fan project of the Star Citizen community, which is being developed non-commercially with the express permission of the Star Citizen rights holder ‚RSI‘ Robert Space Industries. Any steps towards realization will be done in consultation with RSI.

Let's go!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is Upvote the new THE GATSBY trailer in the Citizen Spotlight. Each Upvote of the Citizen Spotlight shows Cloud Imperium Games that the community stands by their Star Citizen card game!


Take a screenshot of the upvote tick. Below you will find the entry form for the contest. Enter a valid address for your Gatsby playing card and upload the screenshot as proof for the contest.

The contest ends on September 10, 2022. The winners of the extra prizes will receive a corresponding email and their ingame handles will be announced on approval.

The prizes will be sent after the draw in September. First come, first served. Winners of the raffle will be notified separately.

Early Supporter Cards will be shipped without tracking. Please make sure your address is correct as we will not resend prizes! Only one entry per RSI account. The legal process is excluded. This is a non-commercial community project promotion. Personal data will be treated confidentially and deleted after the contest!