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Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our Star Citizen card game.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Along with the latest SQUADRONS community raffle, we have submitted the new SQUADRONS factions trailer as Citizen Spotlight. Your Upvote of this third Citizen Spotlight shows Cloud Imperium Games that the community stands by their Star Citizen card game!


The trailer is part of the latest SQUADRONS community raffle. Enter the raffle by upvoting the Citizen Spotlight and win more prizes!


If you have taken a look at the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Strategy Card Game and you like it, we would be very happy if you let Cloud Imperium Games know about it. Star Citizen is a unique crowdfunding project and your voice is a small piece of the puzzle for the Star Citizen card game.

Go to the Free Trial section and download the Play Now PDF rulebook. Simply print and cut out the game cards below and you’re ready to go!

In the Stage 1 combat tutorial you will learn the basics of combat in SQUADRONS. Let’s go!

The good news: We have an elaborate prototype, a brand new Ready-2-Play rulebook, and Cloud Imperium Games has both.

The bad news: The non-commercial use agreement restricts the distribution of the card game and we have to wait for now. The prototype could be turned into a product within a few months. If you are interested, you can sign up as a test player and maybe play SQUADRONS a little earlier.

Up to that point, continued community support is essential. As long as the Star Citizen community stands so strongly behind the project, we will get closer to a realization piece by piece!

Just contact us via the contact form

Contact us

and we will add you to a list for test players. As soon as we have permission to test the prototype on a larger scale, you will be considered in advance.

We have only two requirements for SQUADRONS test players:

1. You play as many test games as possible.
2. You give honest and unvarnished feedback.

Star Citizen SQUADRONS was first introduced in September 2018 at the German Con 42 convention near Frankfurt. The interest and feedback from attendees was incredibly positive and at Con 42, the physical Early Supporter Card #1 ‚Boomer Squad Retaliator‘ was given out to the community for the first time.

Due to its success, we launched the Early Supporter Card #2 ‚Gla`wa Glaive‘ just weeks later in 2018 as a thank you. By hand we sent the Early Supporter Cards all over the world and one card set even went to French Polynesia, a small island in the Pacific. Amazing!

Then it became quiet for months and only after the community relentless supported SQUADRONS in the ‚CIG BREAKTHROUGH‘ contest we finally did get feedback in September 2020. In this contest the Early Supporter Card #3 ‚Eagle Eye Carrack‘ was distributed. This was the first Early Supporter Card printed in silver foil and with custom cardstock as a special edition for the community.

In August 2021 we joined the very first ‚Camp Citizen‘ community camping festival in Germany with our card game and received amazing feedback from the players there. Just for the record: Star Citizen is the very first video game that now has its own annual camping festival! At Camp Citizen the Early Supporter Card #4 ‚Hammertime Hammerhead‘ was handed over to participants as a pre-release.

The worldwide distribution of the Early Supporter Card #4 along with more prizes started with the launch of the SQUADRONS website and the SQUADRONS community contest on September 19, 2021.

We submitted this awesome SQUADRONS contest trailer as a Citizen Spotlight and smashed into the Top 10 again!

In 2022 the Star Citizen SQUADRONS card game will be showcased live at Be@con Convention in Belgium and at Camp Citizen in August 2022.

To celebrate the new SQUADRONS pirate squadron, a new raffle is currently running until May 28, 2022! We will raffle several Early Supporter Cards there.

Don’t miss those opportunities, because if SQUADRONS comes true, you will get a limited ultra-rare game card for each Early Supporter Card you own. For each SQUADRONS Early Supporter card sent in, the sender will receive a corresponding very rare playing card back. The cancelled Early Supporter card will of course also be returned as collectors item.

Early Supporter cards have very low print runs. The Early Supporter Cards #1 and #2 were printed only 500 times. The corresponding ultra-rare game cards will accordingly also only be only 500 in existence worldwide!

The Early Supporter Cards #1 and #2 are already extremely rare. In September 2021, an autographed Early Supporter Card #3 was sold on Ebay.de for $47 (40 Euros)! No kidding.

Keep your eyes open, because from time to time we give away Supporter Cards via contests, raffles or to supporters. So there is still a chance to get your hands on these ultra rare collectible cards!

To stay up to date you can subscribe to the SQUADRONS newsletter. We will keep you up to date about the state of play. Subscribe to newsletter (on main page)!

The latest news are mostly published via Twitter and Facebook.



Gameplay videos, streams, contests and trailers will be published on our Youtube Channel!


On Facebook there is a corresponding group, which will later serve as a contact point for early supporters and test players.

SQUADRONS Facebook group