Star Citizen SQUADRONS

The United Empire of Earth (UEE) is the beating heart of humanity in the 30th century. Governed from its capital on Earth in the Sol System, humanity has reached the stars and the UEE controls dozens of systems, worlds and moons.

Three centuries ago, humanity encountered the vicious Vanduul alien race, which raided and plundered entire systems without warning. Despite major military interventions by the UEE, it has not yet been possible to stop the raids of the nomadic alien clans.

And just now, deep in the heart of the Empire in the commercially-focused Stanton system, a Vanduul raiding squadron strikes unexpectedly. The UEE garrison squadron has to confront the raiders and stop them.

Gentlemen, fire up!

Welcome to the Star Citizen SQUADRONS Strategy Card Game!

SQUADRONS is a fan community card game based on the upcoming Star Citizen video game created by the sci-fi visionary Chris Roberts. The developer Cloud Imperium Games has allowed us to further develop and publicly present SQUADRONS under a non-commercial use agreement. Steps towards realization will be done in consultation with CIG.

The non-commercial use agreement was even signed by Erin Roberts, which meant a lot to us. Thank you CIG!

Note, even though this final prototype looks awesome, it is like Star Citizen still subject to changes! Cards and illustrations are placeholders and the intention is to show the skill and potential of our Star Citizen SQUADRONS card game.

The final SQUADRONS box prototype starter set contains a UEE deck, a Vanduul deck, a D20 die for each faction, tokens and a supersize location card set of the Stanton System. The new Ready-2-Play hardcover rulebook allows players to learn SQUADRONS step by step by playing the three tutorial stages.

The development of the Star Citizen card game began in 2016 when I joined Star Citizen as a backer at the time of Alpha 2.0. Oh, my name is Thomas Eberhard, I am 37 years old and I am from Germany.

I had already designed my own games beforehand and was excited by the vision, the project and the unique community. It took two years and several revisions before I was ready. It was important to me to present a card game that could visually convey a good view of the idea and the vision behind it.

My teenage son Jerremy supported me and participated in the development process. He practically grew up with SQUADRONS and we owe a lot of time together to the card game. 

Star Citizen SQUADRONS was first introduced in September 2018 at a booth at the German Con 42 convention near Frankfurt. The interest and feedback from attendees was incredibly positive and within just seven days, the accompanying SQUADRONS Community Spotlight reached the top 10 of all Citizen Spotlights ever submitted! After only 17 days, thanks to the Star Citizen community, we conquered the third place and were subsequently awarded the Staff Pick and MVP by CIG. At times SQUADRONS even reached the second place of all Citizen Spotlights.

We reached the next milestone in 2019 when the Belgian company Cartamundi expressed interest in SQUADRONS by helping to print the final prototype cards. Fun fact: Cartamundi distributes card games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: The Gathering in Europe! This was a big deal not only because of the attention from Cartamundi, as we were now able to have thicker, high-quality custom playing cards printed, as well as supersize playing cards. This laid the foundation for the final prototype in its current form, which gives a preview of the finished card game with handmade premium game packaging and even hardcover rulebooks.

After everything gained momentum with Erin Robert’s signature a year earlier, it was an incredible feeling to be able to hand the final prototype to him in person at Gamescom Bar Citizen in August 2019. All the effort, hundreds of hours of work, and support from the Star Citizen community had paid off and we now had our foot in the door. We sent ClG some prototype card games on demand in late 2019.
Then it became quiet for months and only after the community relentless supported SQUADRONS in the ‚CIG BREAKTHROUGH‘ contest we finally did get feedback in September 2020. In this contest the Early Supporter Card #3 ‚Eagle Eye‘ was distributed.

This time even Golem.de (www.golem.de), one of the big IT online magazines in Germany, published a corresponding article about the state of play of the ‚Star Citizen Card Game‘.
CIG responded and in reaction to the feedback, we began to design a new rulebook by mid-2020. The new Ready-2-Play rulebook took eight months of development, over 200 hours of work, and over 20 test players were involved in the development. Since June 2021, the new Ready-2-Play rulebook has been at CIG and we are very confident after the player-centric revision.

SQUADRONS, like Star Citizen, has undergone incredible development and has evolved into a mature game made by and designed for the Star Citizen community. We all know the magic we associate with Star Citizen. Star Citizen SQUADRONS has that as well.

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Bar Citizen 2019 with Erin Roberts

What you have seen of SQUADRONS is the result of a years-long journey. It is and was a constant struggle against people who did not believe in it and repeated setbacks.

Step by step we grew with the project, community and as a family.

-- Thomas Eberhard